Home Remodeling in Sandusky, Ohio and Norwalk, Ohio

Randy J. Smith Construction Gives Your Home The Look You Want

Are you looking to remodel your home in Sandusky, Ohio? Get the look that you want with Randy J. Smith Construction’s outstanding home remodeling service. We have served Northern Ohio with quality remodeling for over 27 years. We keep on top of the latest products and style trends, and combine that knowledge with old-fashioned hard work. Call us at (419) 732-2388 to get started.

We Can Make Your Kitchen or Bathroom Stand Out

Do you have a kitchen or a bathroom that needs remodeled? Randy J. Smith Construction can remodel your kitchen or bathroom with the most modern appliances, materials, cabinets and flooring. We use materials from leading manufacturers because we know you want those rooms to look attractive and inviting. But our remodeling is affordable, and we offer senior discounts.

Customizing the Remodel to Suit Particular Spacing Needs

Randy J. Smith Construction can remodel your Norwalk, Ohio home right down to the smallest of details. This is your vision, so input and communication are important. We can customize or personalize your job to suit your particular space needs. We can create a seamless transition from an existing room to a new one, or recreate a blend of old style with modern use and function.

Remodeled kitchen counter tops

Our Quality Remodeling Will Increase Value of Your Home

Not only will you be able to enjoy the beautiful work that Randy J. Smith Construction’s home remodeling professionals do, but you will also see the re-sale value of your home increase dramatically. Our home improvement projects are worthwhile investments in the short term and the long term. Both the interior and the exterior will look as new as they did when you built or bought the house.

Striving For Minimal Disruption of Your Daily Life

At Randy J. Smith Construction, we strive for minimal disruption to your daily life, as we transform your space from old to new. Our work crews come prepared, and they undertake each project knowing we are guests in your home and you want the job completed as soon as possible. Exceeding expectations is what we strive to do with every project we undertake.