Enjoy The Warm Weather On A New Deck

Get Quality Deck Installation and Service at Randy J. Smith Construction

Everyone wants to enjoy the warm weather on a new deck. With comfortable weather, why not spend more time outdoors? A new deck allows you to get the most out of your yard while increasing the value of your home. So call us for an installation and then call your family and friends for a well-deserved get-together.

Randy J. Smith Construction & Roofing commits to installing quality decks and providing great customer service. All of our projects have that personal touch. Our professional deck builders do their job by helping you turn your dream space into a reality. We follow your plans for the space exactly.

Do you Know Why Should You Add A Deck?

Adds Curb Appeal to Your Home’s Exterior

Regardless of the size, color, and style of your deck, the addition improves the overall curb appeal of your yard. Matching your home’s exterior color, adding lights, plants, and new seating,  creates an inviting space.

Boosts the Value of Your Home

A professionally installed deck can add value to your home. The typical return on investment for an added wooden deck is about 70% of the cost of the project. If you are looking to sell your home, a deck will give you a leg up on the competition.

Increases Your Home’s Square Footage

During the warmer months, a deck can essentially extend the usable space of your home. Not only do you get the entertainment deck space, but most decks also have usable space for outdoor storage.

Provides a Place to Entertain

Adding a deck provides you with more room for hanging out and entertaining. Rather than stuffing everyone in your home, a deck gives you room to cook and spend time together. Let the kids run in the yard while the adults relax on the deck.

We Build All of Our Decks With the Best Materials

At Randy J. Smith Construction, we use the best products and methods when building a new deck for your home. Do not spend any more time watching your neighbors enjoy their deck space when you can have your own. Our wood decks are incredibly convenient with unique benefits like:

  • Affordable
  • Customizable to your preference with different stains and paints
  • Durable material
  • Low maintenance

For more information on the benefits of a deck, give Randy J. Smith Construction & Roofing, a call at (419) 732-2388. We are happy to help you enjoy the warm weather on a new deck.