When Is It Time To Replace Your Garage Door?

Randy J. Smith Construction & Roofing Can Fix Your Garage

Do you know when is it time to replace your garage door? It seems nowadays we are constantly on the go. Whether it’s going to work, grocery shopping, or taking the kids to activities, we’re constantly in and out of garages. This puts a ton of wear and tear on our garage doors. It’s probably the last thing you add to your to-do list, but maintenance and replacements can save you hassle. Randy J. Smith Construction & Roofing are garage experts and can replace your garage door hassle-free.

Your Damaged Garage Door Could Be Costing You Money

When your garage door is damaged, even a little, you should schedule a repair quickly. A damaged door can pose a security threat as well as invite unwanted pests into your garage. They could also cost you money going unattended. A damaged door allows more air from the outside into the garage. This means in the summer your garage and home will be warmer and colder in the winter.

Know the Signs that You Need to Replace Your Garage Door

Even without any major damage, a garage door requires maintenance and eventually a replacement. Depending on wear and tear and upkeep, the average garage door will last you 10-20 years. Other signs to look out for that indicate you need to replace your garage door include:

  • The door is noisy or slow to open or close
  • The door doesn’t function properly
  • The door keeps popping off track
  • The garage door sags
  • You notice rusted or broken parts
  • Your aluminum door has dents and dings
  • Your wood door is cracked, damaged, warped, or peeling

For more information on garage door replacements, give Randy J. Smith Construction & Roofing, a call at (419) 732-2388. We are happy to discuss more about when is it time to replace your garage door?